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August 2018. ’n Analitiese program met verskeie fasette word gebruik om leerlinge van  Hoërskool Loeriesfontein te help om wiskunde baas te raak. Die skool sukkel al vir lank met ’n afname in die getal leerlinge wat wiskunde tot op seniorvlak neem. Slegs een van die matriekleerlinge van 2018 neem wiskunde as vak. ’n Aansienlike gedeelte
August 2018. A multi-faceted analytics programme is being implemented to help address mathematics at Loeriesfontein High School, which has historically experienced a major decrease in learners taking mathematics at a senior level, with only one student registered to write maths in the 2018 matric class. Loeriesfontein and Khobab Wind Farms have invested a significant portion
August 2018 The custom-built EnergyDRIVE truck has arrived in the Northern Cape on the last leg of its three-week educational road trip around the country.  Having already interacted with thousands of learners located in wind farms beneficiary communities, the interactive vehicle aims to raise awareness of renewable power resources and climate change. Participating wind farms,
A unique Career Day offered at Loeriesfontein High School, aims to expose learners to more information and tools, expertly designed to help assess individual personalities, preferences and talents, as well as the skill needed for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century economy. “With tertiary drop-out rates at almost 40% in South Africa, it
Over 100 Northern Cape sheep farmers, who have been adversely affected by the ongoing regional drought, have been thrown a life-line, by the two local wind farms. Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm responded to a formal request for drought relief support from both commercial and emerging farmers, who represent 118 farms, all desperate
The two Loeriesfontein wind farms have extended their school funding programme in an effort to further support and improve STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in the Northern Cape. These wind farms already fund a Foundation Teacher Support Programme that includes a dedicated Grade 7 Mathematics and Science teacher at Loeriesfontein Primary School.  An
Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm have announced the commencement of their 20-year commercial operations, a milestone they have achieved on schedule, on budget and without a single lost-time incident. With a generation capacity of 140 megawatts each, these two neighbouring wind farms combined make up the largest single expanse of wind turbines in
Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm will be operating at full capacity and their 20-year life span will commence on 8 December 2017 To read the full newsletter click here:  KL_Wind_Farms_ Newsletter_2017
Loeriesfontein’s two sister wind farms, Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm, have commenced with Grid Code testing as they head into the last phase of construction, before they reach Commercial Operations Date in less than two months from now. Before a wind farm can be connected to the country’s national energy grid for commercial
Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm, in the Northern Cape, have announced that the wind farms are now connected to the Eskom grid, via Eskom’s Helios Substation and commissioning of wind turbines have commenced. “We energised the wind farm substations with Eskom Transmission’s Helios substation on 28 September, marking a pivotal point in the