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Learners visit Wind Farm to Learn about Energy and the Environment

Grade 7 learners from Loeriesfontein Primary School recently visited Khobab Wind Farm as part of their science curriculum.  “We are pleased to have welcomed the learners and their teachers to our site as it provided us with the ideal opportunity to inspire these young people, some of whom may choose to become engineers or perhaps environmentalists one day,” said Kevin Foster, Project Manager for Khobab Wind Farm.

One of the highlights of the trip was a presentation by the wind farm’s environmental officer, who explained what kind of work she is involved in on site.  The various aspects surrounding the management of the environment, such as minimising the impact on the environment were shared. She also explained the process of clearing the vegetation, ensuring the seed bed stays protected and rehabilitating the area to resemble the surrounding areas. “We are so pleased with the level of interest and interaction from the learners,” added Hernus Swart, Contracts Manager for Murray & Roberts.
Learners and their teachers got to tour the site. They visited the wind farm’s stone quarry, crushers and batch plant where they were taught about the construction process and the various engineering fundamentals involved. “The learners were curious and interested in the construction process and eager to find out what kind of school subjects were required during their secondary education in order to pursue a career in construction and engineering,” explained Foster.
The transportation to the wind farm site was arranged by Murray & Roberts, the wind farms construction contractor.  Murray & Roberts has been assisting the Loeriesfontein schools with transportation to various school sporting and cultural programmes in the Hantam district, by covering the cost of the vehicle, driver and diesel.  This is a way of supporting the community and helping children to benefit from sports and social interaction with other young people in the district.