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March 2019.

Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm have announced that they will fund the construction of a bridge to provide a safe link over a dried up river that has divided the communities of Loeriesfontein for many years.

“The dried up river bed runs through the town, leaving a deep gorge that virtually separates the residential area from the main town, creating a physical barrier that hinders hundreds of community members each day, especially young school learners and the aged,” explained Vanessa Fredericks from Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm.

She added, “Traversing the gorge becomes particularly hazardous during the rainy season, when the riverbank turns to mud as children have to climb through the deep gorge daily to get to school or alternatively they have to walk a very long distance around the residential area to get to the main road.”

The bridge came about as a project listed in the Hantam Municipal Integrated Development Plan (IDP), for Loeriesfontein. This plan outlines the development agenda for towns arising out of consultation with the broader community, convened by the respective municipality.

The proposed bridge will include a pedestrian path as well as two lanes for motor vehicles. Whilst the wind farms are financing the construction, the Hantam Municipality has undertaken to maintain the bridge.

A Basic Assessment Report will be submitted to the Department of Environment and Nature Conservation for review and a decision to grant Environmental Authorisation. The full process is expected to be completed over the next couple of months after which, following the due process, construction will commence.