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March 2023.

Designed to reduce school drop-out rates, a support programme that has been assisting high school learners within Loeriesfontein, has recently been expanded to include additional grades as well as the local primary school.

This three-year programme commenced in 2021 and has been successfully providing psychological, social, emotional, and educational support to grade 12 learners at Loeriesfontein High School and has now expanded to include the whole school (grades 8 – 12), as well as the local primary school.

Both the school and the Department of Education in the Namakwa District identified the need for this support to provide educational and psychological support to learners, parents, and educators; create a safe space for vulnerable girls; increase learners’ skills and capabilities; improve mental health and self-esteem; as well as enhance academic performance and emotional intelligence.

Together, Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm put their support behind this psychosocial support programme, implemented by Neuro-Link (a company that specialises in the neuroscience of learning and the optimization of workplace performance).

“With the help of Neuro-link, we explored the possibility of a psychosocial programme for Grade 12 learners because of the effects of the pandemic on the learners as well as the schooling system. Now that we have expanded this support to include the whole school and the local primary school, this programme enables us to work together with teachers and parents to address all the gaps that affect the academic performance and holistic development of learners,” explained Vanessa Fredericks, Economic Development Manager for Khobab Wind Farm.

Services provided as part of the programme include counselling, motivation, mentoring and coaching, as well as teacher support; study skills and techniques; cognitive brain performance; and career guidance.