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March 2022.

The Loeriesfontein High School Matric Class of 2021 are celebrating a 36% increase in their matric pass rate. Following the negative effects of the pandemic on learners’ emotional and mental well-being, a psychosocial support programme was implemented to equip Grade 12 learners with self-knowledge and skills to improve their academic performance and it is believed to have contributed to the improved results.

“Our Matric achieved outstanding academic results because of this programme, but it also helped them develop self-confidence and self-esteem. It is my pleasure to congratulate my class of 2021 on their extraordinary attitude towards their studies and the programme,” expressed Loeriesfontein High School Principal, Zelda Vos.

Together, Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm put their support behind this psychosocial support programme, implemented by Neuro-Link (a company that specialises in the neuroscience of learning and the optimization of workplace performance). Both the school and the Department of Education in the Namakwa District identified the need for this support to improve the matric pass rate.

“With the help of Neuro-link, we explored the possibility of a psychosocial programme for Grade 12 learners because of the effects of the pandemic on the learners as well as the schooling system. With the support, learners were able to deal with the additional stress in their matric year, cope with catch-up programmes, and address the overall social impact of the pandemic at home,” said Mushai Louw, Project Officer Intern for Loeriesfontein.

During the test and exam periods, Neuro-link ran a “Fuel Programme” called Genesis, focusing on learner nutrition, sleeping patterns, and study methods. A healthy snack was offered to learners before they took their exams to boost their brain energy levels.

“The snacks provide nutritious brain food, to help stress management associated with an intense academic period. We strongly believe that the learning of self-mastery neuro scientifically helps young minds succeed academically,” said Sonja Squires of Neuro-link.

Additional support provided to the school included the sponsorship of a mathematics teacher; the donation and installation of SMART boards (interactive white boards) for classrooms; funding of tracksuits for learners; career guidance workshop: “Discover the Tertiary World” by Brainwave Careers; as well as assistance with tertiary institution applications a at the Loeriesfontein Hub.