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December 2018 Christmas arrived early in Loeriesfontein this year! Marking Universal Children’s Day, and one year of operations, Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm celebrated with over 400 children from two ECD centres (Loerievinkie and Skilpaaitjielaan Dagsorg) and Loeriesfontein Primary School.  
November 2018 Loeriesfontein’s first community safe park was officially opened, to provide a safe and caring environment for children and youth.
A unique Career Day offered at Loeriesfontein High School, aims to expose learners to more information and tools, expertly designed to help assess individual personalities, preferences and talents, as well as the skill needed for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century economy. Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners
Meet the Khobab Wind Farm project team:
The Khobab Wind Farm and  LoeriesfonteinWind Farm hosted a group of 38 secondary school learners, from Loeriesfontein High School, as part of an awareness and career day initiative, on 27 September 2016.