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September 2022.

Founded last year by young forward thinking local entrepreneurs who thrive on analysing data to create opportunities for growth and development, Loeriesfontein Data Collection Specialists (LDCS) is a wonderful example of a thriving micro entity in this small rural town.

This 100% black-owned company, is doing remarkably well in establishing itself as the first leading data capturing company in Loeriesfontein. As a data consulting agency, the company provides data capturing, reporting, as well as monitoring and evaluation services to a demanding industry that requires comprehensive analytical skills.

The group of five youth were awarded the opportunity to participate in a monitoring, evaluating and reporting (ME&R) training programme, funded by Khobab and Loeriesfontein Wind Farms, which has led to a flurry of contracts. Thus far, the company has completed data capturing for a number of local projects, which were also funded by the wind farms. These include a number of community benefit programmes, namell, Spell-it, Isibindi, Loeries Logistics, Word Works, and Khobab Wood Processors.

“In line with our commitment we offer ambitious local community members the opportunity to start their businesses and apply for training programmes similar to the ME&R. Thus, our Economic Development Programmes generate new business development opportunities for the youth of our community, empowering community members to take charge of the economic development of Loeriesfontein,” said Vanessa Fredericks, Economic Development Manager for Khobab and Loeriesfontein Wind Farms.

As part of the training programme, which commenced in August 2021, the delegates were taken through a series of intensive training sessions by the Africa Foundation for Sustainable Development (AFSD) that began with face-to-face training. After a well-executed selection process, the top five delegates were chosen to embark on the new business venture.

“The AFSD training equipped the team with the necessary skills to sustainably run an SMME with ambitions of expanding their horizons beyond the perimeters of the town’s proximity. It is rare that any opportunity befalls rural areas such as Loeriesfontein. This is a major step towards the inevitable growth and development in the economic and social aspects of the town,” concluded Fredericks.

LDCS supports change and appreciates every opportunity made available to Loeriesfontein’s youth and community.