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November 2021.

Health screening for hundreds of Loeriesfontein school learners and community members, amounting to over 30% of the local town’s population, took place over a 16-day period in October, and was funded by the two local wind farms. The visiting private mobile health clinic, equipped with a team comprising a health coach, professional nurse, an optometrist and a dental therapist screened learners at Loeriesfontein High School and Loeriesfontein Primary School.

The comprehensive screening programme, covered over 600 patients and included Tuberculosis Screening, Vision and Hearing Testing; Oral Health Screening; Nutritional Status Assessments and Health Education initiatives and even physical assessments to ascertain gross and fine motor skills.

“We see this type of health care support as essential for community children of Loeriesfontein, considering that the town has very limited access to healthcare facilities. Furthermore, the nearest dentist is quite a fair distance for people to travel at extensive personal costs,” said Vanessa Fredericks, Economic Development Manager for Loeriesfontein Wind Farm and Khobab Wind Farm, which funded this as part of their Socio-Economic Development Programme.

Although medication was not dispensed, 132 referrals to the closest hospital were made for full diagnostic assessments and further treatments, representing 22% of case abnormalities.

A Hygiene Awareness campaign directed at learners was implemented, with talks given to help dispel misinformation while promoting preventative health recommendations including COVID 19 Hygiene Awareness, Education and Stigma Mitigation.

All learners received personal hygiene and care packs.

“The programme’s ultimate aim was to promote healthy living as well as strengthen the quality of healthcare services to school-going learners’ and community members’ primary healthcare needs, in addition to promoting a culture of healthy living and awareness about COVID-19 protection measures and stigma mitigation,” concluded Fredericks.